Tide Of Freedom

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

WARNING! This site contains frank, open, and nonpolitical correct language, horrendous common sense, and disgusting patriotism based on the love of this great country. If you are unable to have frank discussions on sensitive topics without anger, you like to bully people, you like to yell and scream at people or believe that a man can have a baby, please move on to another site with vegetative entertainment. Any conclusions or judgments are strictly opinions based on what facts have been researched on the internet. At least you will feel comfortable there learning to make a tin foil; hat. As of today, there is no need for a video warning for graphic visions and languages. This concludes the emergency lunacy system.

For quite a while, we have read, seen, or heard stories, and articles full of description verbs and adjectives to stir up emotional responses to direct people down certain paths. Do you know what these paths lead us to? Doom and gloom, ugly, hate, lies, chaos, and confusion. Do you know where it doesn’t lead us? It doesn’t lead to answers or solutions, it doesn’t even ask to solve the problems. In other words, it helps to only sell newspapers, news, and politicians.

Many people are looking at the world and wondering where all the stupid came from, is this the pandemic that Dr. Fauci was warning us about? Did we land on Bizarro World when we weren’t looking, did we hit our heads too hard, did someone spike our beverage? No, relax, this is all real and all of the problems in the world can be attributed to one thing, politics. Yes, politics. Don’t believe me? Answer these questions: Did you start a war? Do you bring sexual graphic and descriptive books to our school libraries? Do you hate your neighbors because they are from a different culture, have a different skin color, or have more money than you do? You can be jealous of the wealthy man, that is your right but making money is also his right.

Politics is not helping us, not solving anything, politics is the number one problem in everything that is happening. Politics keeps the water stirred and muddy so no one can see what they are really doing. They use the media to push certain stories to misdirect the viewers to surprise them and to help water down the effect of what they are doing when their performance is recognized. The first problem for everyone is how do we solve this political problem. Please do not run at the sound or sight of politics. It is ugly but we can fix it. The only problem is that none of us can solve this problem alone. We need solutions and to be united in working on these solutions. Once the political obstacle is corrected, we can easily solve the rest of the problems. Even though solving all of our problems will be difficult, if we work together we will create a miracle and you will see how all of these problems are related to one another.

We will never all agree on everything but we need to do something our politicians cannot do, work on it, and compromise. Compromise on a part of the problem at a time and we need to prioritize the importance of our problems.

Tide Of Freedom is the people's website and a think tank to help us bring common sense solutions to our planet and lives. Governments do not care, they are hypocritical, and controlling and often speak nonsense but hardly ever do they have anything worthy of listening. Our country and planet have many problems that require solutions now.

Please join us, and give us your input whether a solution, a question, or a topic you want to discuss. We do watch our email, we do answer and we do care.

Many of us see the possibility of violence on the horizon, we see this as an opportunity to fight with the power of voting, the power of collective intelligence. So please subscribe, please comment, and let's try to save this country.

The very first article please read Saul Alinsky, this will tell you how, why, and where we are headed.

We do know that we do not know what we are doing with a website but what we do know, is that we love this country, we love democracy and all the rights and freedoms that come with it. If you have ideas for this site, let us know. This site is for all American Patriots who believe in the Constitution, and the full application of Constitution.