Our mission

Science and biology no longer follow past research they are determined by "feelings", the English language has been redefined to suit, and speech must be politically correct, or all hell breaks loose and people get hurt. As a society, not only have we regressed as humans but have stopped progressing in almost all aspects of life deferring instead to revering doom and gloom. We feel this must stop and we must start living as a society of individuals, not living as individuals for society. We must bring common sense back to our people and bring their heads back into the sunlight.

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Our vision

The goal is to try and bring people together to help solve the issues of our country, of the planet instead of letting politicians stumble around pretending to care. Politicians have their own concerns, money, power, control, and their party. By joining forces, and putting our minds together, we should be able to solve many problems and give this world a pushback on the ride to progress, life, and the pursuit of happiness. Seems idealistic but actually it is realism. Besides, does it sound any less realistic than the Utopia our leaders are lying about?

Join us and ride the dream with us.