Confusion, Hate or Spin?

Saving lives, hate speech, transgender, policies, forced acceptance

Patriot 1

7/22/20233 min read

Save even one life as we are told, ban guns but kill with abortion while pretending to get formula to the babies that were not killed at the rate of a million babies annually.

Promote climate change, and clean air initiatives, stopping oil in this country while buying more expensive oil from other countries paying diesel-burning ships to ship here (3% of all greenhouse emissions), unloading to diesel burning trains (.5% of all greenhouse gases) to ship inter-country, using diesel-burning trucks to transport to the ship (11% of all greenhouse emissions) while turning off pipelines that require no burning of fossil fuels.(NPR, MIT, BBC are sources)

Stop the use of fossil fuels but not invest in the means to produce electricity but charging carbon taxes for using electricity because the turbines run on diesel (25% of greenhouse gases, EPA source)

totally evading the issue of deforestation which absorbs or cleans the air of carbon dioxide.

Stop inflation that they created through the oil production ban which increased the prices of gas and diesel while blaming Russia for invading Ukraine even though the increased costs were because of the terminating oil lines, oil leases, and slowing production here in this country.

Giving free benefits and allowing unvetted illegal immigrants is humanity while our homeless starve is collateral damage while increasing taxes to pay for all of this while protecting the unknown immigrants in sanctuary cities and states at taxpayer dollars ignoring their own citizens concerning benefits.

Security of this country is always the concern except with illegals not knowing who is who and the concern is the domestic terrorist parents who resist school districts from teaching our children how to be gay, and transgender while dismantling law enforcement but utilizing the military to protect our scared elected officials.

Free speech is the freedom to all except those who oppose the corrupt elected officials in control who condemn all who speak against them or distrust their word even though they create new definitions, investigate, accuse, and condemn with no facts of criminal activity.

They remind us to follow 'the' science while claiming there is no gender, no male or female without a biology degree, only birthing people much like self-fertilizing without male or female reproductive organs and forcing one to wear a cloth mask that will not help someone allergic to cut the grass but we are supposed to believe that it will stop a microorganism the size of .06 to .14 microns, which you cannot see and water will penetrate a mask that you can see.

Racial, financial sexual equality is crucial while our elected officials get rich, preach hate, and discrimination, campaign on this hate, praising one racial group while condemning another and ignoring the plight of others. Charge and try one group for attacking another, turning a blind eye to another, and ignoring all criminal acts that do not support their hate campaign.

Campaign on education while our children cannot write, think, or even make change for a dollar.

Bottom Line”

Ban guns, kill with abortions, save climate change while polluting, protect the citizens while condemning the protection, create martyrs from criminals, convict the defenders, create high costs and blame others, be humane to illegals but ignore your own people, put on shows of righteousness while ignoring the laws yourself, do s I say not as I do, ring the financial middle class down to the lower income, wear sheep's clothing while lying like the wolf, take away protections in order to control, convert freedoms into rights and confuse the world with new definitions, spin all facts into a drama, control the future by controlling what our children are taught. All of this is what Karl Marx wrote on how to control a government, with chaos.

Today’s humor


Monday was President’s Day. I asked my granddaughter if she knew what holiday it was. “President’s Day!” she said. She’s a bright kid. So I asked her what President’s Day meant, expecting to hear about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. “On President’s Day,” she replied, “the President steps out on the front porch of the White House, and if he sees his shadow we get four more years of bull!”


Here is where we believe what “was” defined as free speech and now is common hate speech.

1. Do not disagree with trans-gendered men competing in women’s sports?

You are: Homophobic

2. Do not want to accept racism exists? You are: Racist, Nazis, Xenophobe

3. Do not want your children taught to be gay, or trans-gendered, don’t want sex books in school? You are: A Domestic Terrorist, Anti Biased

4. Want responsible spending in our government? You are: Obstructionist, Ignorant

5. Want equal trade contracts worldwide that are fair to all? You are a globalist

6. Don’t want history edited or rewritten, flags and statues removed? You are: a cultural Marxism, Klan Member,

7. Do not want to believe inflation exists? You are: Snowflake, Buttercup

8. Plan to protest the government at their offices? You are: an insurrectionist, traitor

9. Do not want transgenders in women’s sports and bathrooms? You are: Transphobic

If you call out either side or have different ideas? You are: a conspiracy nut.

What are the punishments in any of these categories? Ostracized, demeaned, bullied, ignored, loss of income, job, banned from businesses, and possibly investigated and charged with false claims.

There are many more names and punishments. Just watch, listen, or read the news the news but read only for the nature of the story. If you want truth, you will have to read more and pick out the matching facts to accumulate a real story.