Greatest Country in the World? #11

Degradation and regressioin of America


7/2/20233 min read

They say the Unites States is the greatest country in the world, Really?

Does the greatest country that teaches their children with descriptive sex books promoting sex change in elementary schools, critical race theory that promotes racism, promotes science with fluid interpretations preaching men can give birth without reproductive organs, while charging parents as domestic terrorists for disagreeing, this is the greatest? Not for raising a family.

Does the greatest country allow everyone into the country without vetting them allowing them bring in dangerous drugs that kill our family members, or the murderers that come here and kill, or by becoming one of the most dangerous countries for human trafficking or the million abortions annually while giving charismatic speeches that they care about people with slogans that “even one life is worth it”. This the greatest country?

The politicians keep writing legislation for new laws that will be selectively enforced if enforced at all and mostly enforced on the citizens that follow the laws anyway. They have made criminals martyrs and condemned law enforcement for doing their job. They cover up their own crimes and those of family while taking preaching to defund the police. They promote violence by police on criminals but not police deaths caused by criminals, they pass laws for defending the rights of criminals but not one for the victims or their families. This is your greatest country?

You come to this country to make money and when you do, you will be chastised and placed in the ugly wealthy class forcing you to hide or defend yourself from the other divided classes. You are in a land where laws are weapons to control the people, not defend them, to castigate all who oppose then try to destroy them, all within the law they abuse. Still in love with this country?

You are living in a country that prefers to bully, name call, accuse, attack, demean and then use the powers of the government to cause you to spend all your savings on defending yourself while the politicians have an unlimited checkbook and pay nothing out of their own pockets. They allow violence in the cities, riots or protests as they call them burning down businesses while charging law enforcement with abuse of power, feeling safe now?

Our politicians fund race groups and then favor defunding police departments, all in the name of justice. Consider that the police can and have been sued, charged and have lost everything they have earned in their lifetime just to make a politician, race group happy. This removes the assets accumulated by a law enforcement officer and gives it to the criminals they have turned into martyrs, the greatest country? Law enforcement is sued or charged for not responding fast enough and too fast, not enough use of force and too much use of force. They prefer to use social service personnel for many criminal activities. If you are being robbed by a gang of home invaders, do you want a policeman with a gun or a social service agent with a notepad bringing donuts? Oh yeah, feeling loved yet?

This is a game, a very dangerous game. Rules are simple, he who wins controls this country and all the people will become their slaves. Phony documents, false accusations, false charges, abusing the rights of everyone to the point of incarceration, bankruptcy, emotional stress, suicide and whatever. We are pawns, your family are pawns, everyone are pawns. You have to remember that many species work together, live together but at the end, they eat each other. Just as primitive in politics.

Well in conclusion, I must say there is one valid point to made about the greatest country but it cannot be made in the cities. The greatest country is THE COUNTRY!

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