Progress, regress or morphosis?

Voting, innovation or regression, corruption, political agendas

Larry L

7/13/20232 min read

I was wondering about three negative things that have affected or almost infected, our country. The first is what caused us to be topsy-turvy in this world. Right is wrong, wrong is right, the law is bad, criminal good, guilty until proven innocent, and laws are selectively enforced if enforced at all?

Second, why has this happened? Did we lose sight of something, did our culture change, our society changed, did I miss a vote on some policy, I don't know. Is this what they mean by Innovation?

And third, when did all of this start to happen? We didn't wake up one morning and here we are, something happened. Where is the Genesis of all of this? Most of all, where is the benefit to mankind?

"A politician is a person who will lay down your life for their country."

My belief is that after reading about Mr. Saul Alinsky, I clearly see that everything in his manifesto (book) is happening with most of it completed. In my mind, this is what initiated the action of our downfall. Now the question as to why can be ascertained would be due to politics, radical politics, in this case, the left. They openly admit they are socialists and adopt the ideology but what concerns me is the fact they have also introduced the hate methodology and all that comes with it such as revenge, bullying, investigations, and hearings of ideological crimes, derived from spinning facts into criminal activity. This becomes communism or even fascism, even though they like to deflect their negativity onto others. So can we count on the right to support our cause? No, they are complicit as far as I am concerned. They have nothing to stop it. Yes, they blame that the left held the Congress, Senate, and White House, and their hands were tied, but they too have held the same power and did absolutely nothing.

Question of the day: How do we stop and reverse all of this to bring our country back to the present and start building a future? Talk to us, let's begin work on this. We do not need to be afraid all the time. We can be quiet, open, not advertising but not covert. We do not operate behind closed doors. What do you think? Please join us and help us.

Thank you