Term Limits? Yes, No? #6

Discussion of term limits, what, where, and why, causes, hatred

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7/7/20233 min read

Have you noticed that in politics when one side doesn’t like the other side and gets into office, they try to change the laws to suit themselves, circumvent the law, again to suit themselves and they tend to act or propose laws to help themselves, help alleviate the pressure on themselves?. They want to bolster their party's strength, and demonize the opponent.

What I am talking about now is the call for term limits on the justices of the Supreme Court. Why do they not have limits? Because it creates turnover and turnover creates different rulings to satisfy whatever party is in power. The constant laws being in flux all the time is not good. Look at what happened when Biden took office, the first day he revoked every policy Trump put into play. Is that what you want? Let’s say I agree with term limits for the Supreme Court, I would only do so if term limits existed in all elected or appointed positions, no more lifetime positions. If they want term limits for Supreme Court Justices, propose that they be investigated and questioned the same as they do now, but the people will vote for them, not political parties,

But I do not support term limits for the Supreme Court. For the most part, they act, weigh and decide cases together in accordance with the Constitution, however, everyone else should still have term limits. Look at where our country is, what a state it is in. It would be better when these people know they cannot stay, they might actually use their educated minds to perform for the country instead of their party, and the may learn to work for the people instead of themselves, it would also put the lobbyists into chaos since they would have to continually keep establishing new relationships in order get what they want.


Today’s Humor

How are politicians like diapers?

They need to be changed often and for the same reason.


They also want to do away with the electoral college because it would favor one side only but not the country. Most of the popular votes come from the large metro cities, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and so on. Simple math would tell you that by controlling these cities, you control the votes, but the popular vote considers the entire state since each state has an equal vote. Small states like Alaska, Wyoming, Vermont, ND, SD Montana, and Rhode Island would simply not need to vote since they do not have enough population to influence any election but the electoral college equals out that vote. No wonder why they want to abolish the Electoral College.

The pros of term limits are that they would eliminate retirement funds, and retirement protections, and limit the possibility of corruption, and things like insider trading based on information coming from their committees. I do believe that appeals judges and district court judges can also be on the term limit list since they spend most of their time basing decisions on party affiliations. Some do possess a fair-minded mentality but as late as you can overturn a decision by taking the case to one of their party’s judges, this is not equality or even Constitutional based.

One of my complaints with Congress and the Senate is that they have passed laws to protect themselves from civil lawsuits, and given themselves permission to lie, name call, accuse, and ruin p[people at will. This needs to stop. Our country is turning a big corner and once they make a full turn, we will become a dictatorship or a communist country where all laws are selectively enforced based on the needs of the government. You oppose them, they raid your home, and your friends will avoid you so they don’t get burnt being too close to the action. They will take away your job, your healthcare, and anything they choose. This is part of the fight we need to address our attention to. Sadly, our government does not support the people but this is the avenue they have chosen and they will fight not to turn back.

Like most martial arts instructors teach, go away from resorting to violence but when your back is against the wall, your family is screaming for help and the danger of life and death becomes the prevailing factor, then and only then action is taken. We are promoting violence, we believe the pen is mightier than the sword but we also know that sometimes the pen doesn’t write and the readers do not read.

For now try to convince your family and friends that people of integrity, and moral values are worth more than eloquent speeches from a pretty person. Some hearts are black and cold, not red and warm. Do your research and learn about these people, not from the media, not from the news, get on the internet and see what they have done in their past. Remember, there is no ideal candidate, no ideal personal attraction but there are real facts. All of us together will never agree on everything but do agree to disagree and we agree to compromise.