Voting Emotions, Party or Facts?

Voting with facts, ignoring emotions, good leaders, working for America


8/22/20235 min read

Let me tell you my opinion on politics and the influence on the entire planet, not just your community of this country, but the entire world. I will tie all of this together for one big picture.
People today have more problems than answers. They can be called issues or mental stresses, or just weaknesses. They are offended by statues, flags, police, sport team names, Religious beliefs, sexual orientation, remarks, speeches, not believing in change, not willing to change your beliefs, how your body looks, how you raise your children, what you wear, including what you eat, even the message in a movie, A MOVIE! How much you eat, what is good, what is right but believe it or truth is offensive. Pretty soon, your very existence will offend someone or the fact you breathe the same air or live on the same planet. Sounds stupid, doesn’t it? If you stop and think about it, how do they continue to go on with life? I am developing anger management issues dealing with this overwhelming barrage of stupid!

Do you know where we do not see problems? Crime, overdoses, corruption, suicides, terrorists. People are also quick to judge, hate, demean, blame, lie, manufacture stories, harass celebrities and even rioting is approved based on what and who you believe in. Is this what the Constitution calls equal justice? fast food or asking the doctor to prescribe a drug you saw advertised on the television. We do not seem to be concerned about what the media publishes or broadcasts whether the truth or lies. Brilliant isn’t it?

We do not do any research, educate ourselves on what we are hearing, reading, or current events or try to seek truth, noooo we just sit there like a value-oriented puppy dog and go “fer sure”. I believe that people can no longer tell the difference between truth and lies. People tend to make decisions based on emotions, based on feelings, they choose drama over logic, they rejoice with hate over kindness, and most of all, they have become sheep, making excuses concerning their position in life even when it is meaningless, they complain and blame others for not being able to succeed in life, but absolutely at no time do they accept responsibility for their actions. Being an individual has become passé, no longer fashionable, and out of date. I know most have heard all of this before but it goes in one ear and out the other without thinking, this could be you. Do you know why? There are many reasons and again, it all depends on who you ask. Some say stupid others say uneducated, or lazy, and while others say they are not concerned, a third opinion is they say Are you kidding, give up my video game, selfie for what”?

This is the time to take inventory of yourself, your spouse, or your family. Are you able or better yet, willing to help your loved ones? Can you stand up and decide everything for yourself or do you need coaxing, need to find out how everyone is thinking or doing? Why can you not lead your family to a good place in this world? Do you judge your friends the same way? Ever forgiven anyone, friends, or family?
Society has begun living in the age of “you are only as good as you are today” You screwed up, we hate you regardless of how many good things you have done, what will be remembered is only the bad thing, today’s bad thing. Most people do not know their neighbors anymore, mostly out of distrust, and fear on both sides. That fear is the same reason we do not help people anymore, made us cold and numb to others' suffering. We now have a culture of “my way or the highway”, basically an all-or-nothing game. Still don't believe it? How about the TikTok games of doing things to see if you can avoid getting hurt, like dumb or dumber? Think about it, does any of what I have said boost your position in life, and does it help you make more money? How does it benefit your life, does it make your life better or have you just wasted your time?

Ever wonder why? Again, this is my opinion but my opinion is based on thought processes, on the logical foundation that 1+1 does equal two, basic science that there is a male or female, right and wrong, good and bad, life and death, not rocket science. We are brainwashed by political parties, organizations, and corporations. We are bombarded daily with doom and gloom, if we don’t do this then our family will suffer, and they may not live. Our children are educated the same way bringing in topics non-related to education. Education should be kept to mathematics, spelling, writing, reading learning, history, and geography, what we need to thrive, grow, and make sound, intelligent decisions. Values and morals are the responsibility of parenting as is discipline. Corporations, media, and just about every enterprise condemn, removes, or terminate employees, clients, and customers over your beliefs and yet we do not find this offensive. Celebrities can threaten politicians and this is perfectly acceptable, radical groups can harass other politicians or celebrities with their blessing and their denial while laughing, all perfectly acceptable. Life has become this slimy because we have allowed it, we ignore it so we do not make waves, rightly so because due to all the fear that has been fed to us in mass buffets. We fear retaliation, loss of employment, career, business, friends, family, bankruptcy, criminal charges, lawsuits, and loss of life. Can you imagine someone you know being killed because they wanted to eat a hamburger that was not organically certified or because you want your children to know the difference between right and wrong?

What we as a people need to remember, this country was not built on cowardice but bravery. Lives were lost for yours to exist and most were long before even your grandparents were born or farther back. In the past, people took the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Emancipation Proclamation seriously. They wanted to live with these rights and they wanted their future families to exist with the same freedoms. These freedoms are dwindling, converted into privileges, and through our political system, we are being duped into believing they care for us when in reality they only care about three things, themselves individually, their party, and filling their bank. Think about it, how do you become millions to hundreds of millions working on a salary of $174,000 a year as of 2022 and that is for either the house or Senate? I don't know about you but I want my money in their bank!

I know that someone will hear, see, or be told about this video and it will be called several things like hate speech, deranged, and then punished somehow. But like our ancestors, the time for running like chickens is over and it is time to stand up for what you believe in. I do not expect anyone to believe in me or what I believe, I expect them to stand up for what they believe and not be told anymore what to believe. Quit being a parrot for a party, or group, if you do not mean it. You need to understand yourself and like I said, take an inventory of your morals, beliefs, and what matters to you. Then figure out where you could settle if someone had a different opinion so you could come to a compromise. You do