Woke, Weak or Warped

Serious thought processes or just crazy?


9/3/20233 min read

If you listen to the news, television shows, and interviews, you will be left wondering what went wrong. Are these the future leaders of our country? They do not know who the President is, or where Russia is on the map, but they can tell you a man can give birth to a baby. And they can say it with confidence, with the arrogance of intelligence with the look as if it was a common fact.

Our current leadership is responsible for all of this "wokeism" and they have done it and are currently doing it through our school systems. This 'wokeism" is a political term to describe racism, inequality, discrimination, sexism and social injustices. The problem is, there is no logic to this movement and this way of thinking is mostly hypocritical.

Inequality for example, if women's rights and freedoms are extremely important then why do we allow transgendered men to compete in women's sports? Why do we call married couples homophobes if they do not agree with homosexuality, or all of these other gender nonsense terms? Why do we pay men acting as women millions for advertising when we have no money for women's professional sports? Why are criminals allowed to burn businesses, and beat and kill citizens, only to have the citizens charged as criminals for defending themselves? Why is it a crime to be white, feel sorry for Latinos, lump all black people into ghettos and God only knows what designation the Asians fall into? Why is law enforcement vilified whether they arrive in time or too late, use kid gloves or force, yet our own leadership calls for their defunding?

Racism exists only as an excuse, a campaign slogan, to stir up trouble, or to use as a 'fear' card. It does exist in police arrests but not in violence against police. It exists in group names like KKK and Proud Boys but not in the Black Lives Movement or the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. It does exist also in professional sports and Hollywierd. Not enough black managers, actors, directors, and producers. It also exists in the education system that does not turn out enough doctors, pilots, and political leaders. Going back to sports, it can be said that there are not enough white basketball players, and football players and not enough black players in baseball, soccer, and volleyball.

Today's Quote

“I love my country, not my government.” ― Jesse Ventura

Sexism seems to be a controversial topic that is used so much, it is like a catch-all category. Pedophiles are condemned but not school boards filling elementary schools with pornography, teaching pornography, trying to subvert parents while trying to garner more control of the children teaching them it is okay to be transgendered, gay, or one of their other gender topics and it is okay not to tell your parents. What happened to letting the children be children and educating them to make good decisions as adults? Why are the children taught that men can have babies even though they do not possess the reproductive organs to do so? What happened to the science classes and exactly what world did they beam that idea from? Why can none of our leaders or spokespeople define what a woman is? Why do we allow men dressed up as women to make fools of how women act, take away their rights, and make them a man's rights? Why is there no international bipartisan fighting of sex trafficking, human trafficking, or the sexual use of a child in their evil ways of making money?

This can go on and on but there is only so much time to spend on stupid. Have we gone stupid or just let things get out of control? Are we "woke" or just comatose, or just lazy? Has our education system been teaching or indoctrinating? Everyone has heard my opinion, now I need to hear yours. Do you see a problem? Do you have any fixes in mind? How do we implement them? I nor you can change anything alone but as a group, we can solve a lot of issues. Since our leadership is more interested in control than furthering this country, it is up to us to correct the course of humanity. Put it back on track so that we can share and help each other. There will always be differences but we must bring our intellect up to a point of overlooking or accepting in the name of humanity. We are rapidly losing our identity, our morals, culture because it is to the advantage of the leadership planning behind closed doors to control our lives.

Please join us and ask others to join us. We need strength to win this battle. This is a battle for our children, our country, and our world. The playing field is global but we must start locally.

Thank You